World AIDS Day Program 2012/12/1


Medical service for the underserved population

(with English-Japanese translation)


People who have multiple problems are often underserved in our society. Our speaker for the program is Dr.Barry Zevin who is a medical doctor who has specialized in serving people living with HIV with multiple problems. These challenges include homelessness, substance abuse, sexual minority status.


We would like this meeting to be interactive. People from organizations and individuals supporting different groups of people such as people living with HIV, homeless and sexual minorities will be there to share their experiences. We hope it will be an opportunity to learn from each other beyond our national and cultural differences.


Speaker: Dr.Barry Zevin

-Physician Specialist,

Tom Waddell Health Center

Department of Public Health Homeless Programs

                   San Francisco Department of Public Health

                   -Medical Director/Addiction Medicine Physician

                    Harm Reduction Therapy Center


Date: December 1, 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 18:00 Open,  18:30 Program start

Venue: Bazaar Café

258 Okamatsu cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city


Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line, Imadegawa station Exit #4. One block to North, turn left after Wabisuke Bld. On the left side of the street is Bazaar Café.

2 minutes from Subway Exit#4, corner of Karasuma /Imadegawa, Kyoto Imperial Palace or Doshisya Univ.

Capacity: 40 persons (we take reservation)

*Food and drinks are available at Bazaar Café before the program starts.

Admission : 500 yen



Bazaar Café

Center for Health and Rights of Migrants (CHARM)

Japan Christian Medical Association Kyoto Branch (JCMA)

Cooperation with:

Kyoto DARC (support organization for substance abuse rehabilitation)

Kyoto Yomawari-no-kai (support organization for homeless people)

Support Kyoto(support organization for people living with HIV

QWRC (Resource center for sexual minorities and women)

PLANET (Advocacy group for HIV/AIDS)

Osaka National Hospital AIDS Medical Center

Co-sponsored by: Kyoto City


For inquiries and reservation: please call or e-mail CHARM

Tel: (06)6354-5902  Monday-Thursday 9:30am-6:00pm



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