抹茶ゼリー Uji Matcha Jelly Dessert

Perfect for a hot summer’s day, the Uji Matcha Jelly dessert is sweet
but balanced with its flavoring.

matcha jelly dessert

Going layer by layer, on top we have a clear gelatin layer,
which surprised me because I thought my spoon was going right into the red beans
but instead came back with a clear jelly, which was sweet and refreshing.
Next come two white dango, they lack any flavor but the texture is always pleasing
and they help to balance the cup, keeping it from being too sweet.
I had one early on and saved the other for when I was almost finished with the cup.
The bottom layer is the largest and consists half of red beans (slightly mashed into
a paste) and the green tea jelly itself. A ying yang combo of red and green,
the super sweet red beans are tamed by the cool green tea jelly. I alternated between
the two and had the other dango with the last spoonful.
The green tea jelly is made with Uji Matcha, a distinct and noticeable flavor but
by no means overbearing. While a bit on the sweet side, this dessert has a good
balance and is probably best enjoyed on a particularly warm day accompanied with
an iced (but unsweetened) drink.

by Harris


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