(Osaka-mon)Tempting Spicy and Refreshing Curry

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Tempting Spicy and Refreshing Curry
Yuko Fujii

Curry is very popular in Japan and considered a national dish. There are various curry restaurants in Osaka, and some of them have developed their own tastes and styles. Here, the neighborhood of Tenma and Tanimachi 6-chome where CHARM office is located, is a hotspot for curry. Today, I would like to introduce three spicy curry restaurants in multi-tenant buildings in this lively area.

Nampry Curry

– It’s a curry restaurant during lunch time and a yakitori restaurant at night.
– Curry is very tasty and something most girls would like.
– People are eager to eat this curry again because the mixed spicy taste is so exciting.
– The stainless steel plates are so Asian-like and cute.
– “Nishu Aigake” curry is a dish which is served with 2 types of curry. (¥950)

Access: Approx. 5-minute walk from JR Tenma Station.

Spice Curry Harmonia

– This restaurant recently opened in March, 2018.
– Curry is served with 4 colorful side dishes.
– It’s open for both lunch and dinner.
– “Nishu Aigake” curry. (¥1,000)

Access: Approx. 2-minute walk from JR Tenma Station.

Naminino Curry

– This restaurant curry is mild and spicy, served with multigrain rice. It looks very gorgeous.
– Masala spice is put on the table to make it hotter. It’s perfect for lovers of spicy food.
– 100 yen off voucher is offered every visit.
– “Nishu Aigake” curry. (\1,000)

Access: Approx. 1-minute walk from exit #6 of Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Station, Osaka Metro.

Why don’t you try “Aigake” curry? I’m sure you can enjoy a variety of curry dishes.

Let’s have fun with spicy food this fall.  It’s the perfect season to have a good appetite.