(Osaka-mon)My top 3 Karaage Fried Chicken Places

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My top 3 Karaage Fried Chicken Places

“Karaage” fried chicken is one of my favorite dishes.
This is one item in the menu that a lot of people love
not only as a main dish but as a snack and a side dish for alcoholic drinks.
There are many restaurants and stores near our office that serve karaage.
Let me introduce 3 that I recommend:

1. Chinese restaurant “Juhachiban”.

You can fill your stomach with a reasonable price.
There are many kinds of set menu with karaage
and I particularly love Wakadori no Karaage Sauce-gake Teishoku
(fried spring chicken with condiment sauce) (680 yen).
I can just eat this big dish without any problem.
You can have half a size of fried rice instead of regular rice (+50 yen).

Place(場所): Juhachiban’s Map

2. Oita karaage restaurant “Katsuo”.

Oita Prefecture is known for good karaage and
you can enjoy them with their Karaage Donburi
(fried chicken on rice) for 500 yen.
A lot of karaage is sitting on top of the rice.
It is served with miso soup.

Place(場所): Katsuo’s Map

3. “Jagaimo” is a store selling side dish items.

Their karaage is my favorite here.
The outside is crispy and the inside is juicy.
The chicken is also nicely seasoned.
You can eat a lot at once with rice.

Place(場所): Jagaimo’s Map

There are a lot of other restaurants and stores that serve good karaage fried chicken.
Find your favorite ones!