(Osaka-mon)Crazy about Shellfish!

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In Japan, it seems that our ancestors started eating shellfish in the Jomon period. There are varieties of shellfish, such as scallop, short-necked clam, clam, abalone, oyster, turban shell, small abalone etc.

Since I started cooking sundubu-chige about five years ago I have gradually realized how much I love shellfish. Not only shellfish itself, but also shellfish broth is incredibly tasty. I heard my grandfather used to eat a pot dish with tofu and Seto shellfish from the local shellfish market every night. I think shellfish might have been a local ingredient in those days.

This time, I will tell you about three good restaurants.

First is ‘Sumibiyaki Waya’. There is no signboard, no noren, and no door, but a big pile of shells, which had been grabbing my attention for four months. When I finally visited, they told me the name of the restaurant. As they checked carefully how I grilled scallop and clam with meats and vegetables over coals, I didn’t need to worry about how well done it was but I enjoyed chatting with my companion.

Sumibiyaki Waya Website


Second, ‘Tenma Kaimushiya’ decoratively served a special pod dish,’kaimushi nabe’ with many kinds of lightly cooked shellfish. The assorted shellfish sashimi and oyster with ponzu sauce were also very good.

Tenma Kaimushiya Website


Third, ‘Hamagurian Kisshoubettei’ in Umeda Sanbangai specializes in clam. The grilled clam and ‘clam dashimakitamago’, and also ‘wagyu no tatakifu’, which was not shellfish but which my companion ordered, were all delicious.

Hamagurian Kisshoubettei Website

I’d like to thank my companions for sharing those special shellfish dishes with me.