12月の「Social Connection・つながり」のご案内

第7回Social Connection-つながり-





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*NPO法人CHARMに関わっている人々をCHARMERとは呼びます。「Social Connection・つながり」はお互いの経験を聞き、共感し、知り、つながることで夢に向かう力を得る場です。毎回海外からもメンバーが参加しています。


7th Social Connection –Tsunagari-

Date & Time: Dec.12th(Saturday) 15:00-16:30 (regular on every 2nd Satuday)

Theme: Man, Woman and In-between

Speaker: Wataru

Pink or Blue, light work or heavy work, life work or temporary work, Engineering or Liberal Arts, Medicine or Caregiver, etc. We receive messages around sex differences in our ordinary life. And we internalize these messages without realizing. Wataru will share his own experience of sex differences. Let us reflect on ourselves and share our thoughts and findings.

For registration, please send your handle name and email address mail to

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