2021年1月の「Social Connection・つながり」のご案内

第8回 Social Connection -つながり-



話題提供: みや



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*Social Connection-つながり-はお互いの経験を聞き、共感し、知り、つながることで夢に向かう力を得る場です。毎回海外からもメンバーが参加しています。

8th Social Connection –Tsunagari-

Date & Time: January 9th(Saturday) 15:00-16:30 (regular on every 2nd Saturday)

Topic: Man like, Woman like

Speaker: Miya

We see the world unconsciously with a pair of eye glasses that separates manly and womanly. The other day, I saw a reckless woman driver at an intersection. I found myself criticizing a driver saying “It is not womanlike”. Man-like and Woman-like glasses limit our vision to perceive people and myself? Miya will share his experience in Japan and US. Let us talk how we feel.


For registration, please send your handle name (zoom name) and your email address to the following address.  We will send you a zoom ID and pass code.

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