Medical System in Japan

It is assumed that everyone is a member of a health insurance. Basic medical fee using health insurance is same whether hospital is private or public. On the other hand, public hospitals in Japan do not necessarily provide free services. When you do not know which hospital to go to, please consult Public Health Centers or CHARM.

HIV treatment system

There are designated hospitals specializing in HIV treatment with experienced doctors. Some hospitals have HIV coordinator nurses, social workers, counselors and pharmacist who work in team to support patients. If your HIV status is positive, public health centers and other testing places will help you choose a hospital specialized in HIV treatment. It is also possible to change hospitals.

If you know your HIV status

HIV Positive(+) means that you have HIV virus in your body. If you do not receive any medical treatment, the number of virus increase in your body and your immune system becomes weak and likely to get sick easily. However, there are various medicines which treat HIV infection. These medicines cannot eliminate the virus from your body, but if taken at an appropriate time, it will control the virus increase rate and prevent your immune system from weakening. It is expected it can recover the function of your immune system which had become weak. HIV infection has become a chronic illness where virus can be controlled by medication.
Getting tested only tells you if you are infected with HIV. It is imperative that you go first to a hospital to find out the condition of your body. Public Health Center or clinics where you were tested for HIV will refer you to the appropriate specialized hospital for HIV treatment. If you were not given a hospital to go to or have some questions and concerns, please call CHARM using our telephone consultation services. If you need an interpreter when going to a hospital, consult CHARM.