Services at Public Health Center

About the Services at Public Health CentersIn Japan, hospitals provide treatment and care for patient while public health centers provide support for citizens to live healthily. The programs and services offered by public health centers include prevention programs for various ailments, services for pregnant women, services for child rearing and support so people living with illness can have a better living condition.

Language support services are not yet common in most public health centers so it is better to look for an interpreter to accompany you.

  1. Birthing and Child Rearing
    Consultation for pregnant women and health check-ups of new born babies
    Vaccination of new born babies and consultation for child rearing
    Issuance of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook
  2. Health check-ups of adults
    Health check-up for people who are members of National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken): Test for blood pressure, life related disease caused by diet pattern and lack of exercise.
    Other check-ups: Cancer, HIV infection, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Tuberculosis
  3. Psychological consultation
    Depression, Psychological disorder, Substance abuse, Alcoholism, other dependencies, information on hospitals and support groups.