CHARM (Center for Health and Rights of Migrants) is a citizen’s group that supports HIV-positive people and non-Japanese speakers working cooperatively with the purpose of allowing everybody to live in a healthy manner.

CHARM was established in 2002 by a group of medical doctors, counselors, and social workers who were involved in HIV treatment.

CHARM supports HIV-positive people through cooperation, regardless of nationality nor language, so that everyone live their own lives.

We cooperate with healthcare organizations and healthcare centers to provide multilingual support. This will ensure all people can access the medical and subsidy systems despite the language barriers.

CHARM collaborates with the core hospitals speicalizing HIV treatment in the Kansai region as well as other healthcare organizations in Osaka City and NGOs supporting foreigners throughout Japan.

We are entrusted to undertake projects by local authorities such as Osaka City, Kyoto City and Osaka Prefecture as well as the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry.

CHARM’s Goals

CHARM is an organization that works together with foreigners, HIV-positive people, healthcare professionals, and general citizens so everybody living in Japan can live in a healthy manner. It aims realize a society where people respect each other regardless of their nationality, language, sexual preferences, or health status.

We support people who face difficulties because of language or not treated fairly, on visas or application for various social security services.

Programs Provided by CHARM

There are programs that foreigners and HIV-positive people living in Japan can use:
1. Consultation, counseling, and language interpreting support required to solve each person’s problem.
2. Peer support by people with the same condition.
3. Providing information about health in a language you can understand.
4. Holding lectures and research to deliver actual conditions and recommendations.
5. Providing places where various people can meet and get involved.
6. Accepting interns and providing training to nurture people who can assume healthcare, medicine, and welfare centered around people.

In cooperation with the Japanese government and local autonomous bodies, such as healthcare centers and NGOs, our aim is to build a society where every HIV-positive person (both Japanese and foreigners) have full access to healthcare and medical services.

Establishment of CHARM and Its Activities

Around the year 2000, multiple numbers of foreign national AIDS patients were taken to a hospital speicalizing in AIDS treatment in the Kansai region. These patients were not covered by health insurance and they learned their HIV status only after they evelopped AIDS.

CHARM was established by a group of doctors and counselors who recognized the need to support HIV-positive foreign nationals who had no access to healthcare and welfare.

Board Members/Organization Chart

Board of Directors

Motoo Matsuura
Jo Takeda
●Executive Board Members
Elza Nakahagi
Michinori Shirano
Kazumi Fukumura
Naoko Kawana
Herrera Lourdes

Toshiyuki Miho

Executive Director
Rieko Aoki

Financial Condition of CHARM

80% of CHARM’s budget comes from commissioned projects from national and local governments in Japan. Administration fees to maintain the organization are supported by the membership fees and donations.