CHARM’s Vision

CHARM aims to realize a society where everyone residing in Japan are able to live healthily. We provide support for people, such as foreign residents, etc., who have difficulty accessing social services due to barriers such as discrimination, lack of knowledge of the system in Japan, visa restrictions, language, etc.

CHARM’s Role

  • Support people living with HIV (PLH), their families and their families/partners.
  • Work together with government agencies and civic organizations to create an environment where foreign residents and PLH can have better access to medical and health care services.

Foundation and History

In 2000, a number of foreign patients who have developed AIDS were brought to hospitals in Kansai. All of them had no health insurance and only found out about their HIV infection after it became full blown AIDS. Concerned doctors and counselors, who felt the need for a civic organization that can respond to needs of foreigners living with HIV who are left out from access to medical and welfare services, played a central role in the establishment of CHARM in 2002.

Founding of CHARM and opening of its office in the 3rd floor of Ikuno Seiwa Shakai Building
Telephone hotline service in foreign languages started (outsourced by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City)
Saturday HIV Testing in Osaka started (outsourced by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City, terminated in September, 2009)

Office moved to Naniwa-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City

HIV interpretation service started (funding from Kansai HIV Clinical Conference)

Office moved to Kanei-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City

Program in collaboration with Live Positive Women’s Network providing a gathering for women living with HIV started

Health consultation for foreign residents program started (until November 2011: Part of an AIDS Research Project funded by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare from December 2012: Funding from Osaka Prefecture)

Social support service for AIDS patients, etc. started (outsourced by Place Tokyo and funded by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
Interpretation service for Kyoto city evening HIV rapid test started (outsourced by Kyoto City)

Program for PLH in Japanese language started (outsourced by Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention and funded by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
Interpretation service for tuberculosis patients started (outsourced by Osaka prefecture)
Counseling service started (outsourced by Osaka city)

SPICA, support group for people living with HIV recovering from drug addiction, started preparations for its full operation

The Sakai City evening HIV Test service started (outsourced by Sakai City)

CHARM’s Funding

CHARM’s budget for the year 2012 was 13.22 million yen. It was mainly (88%) comprised of funds from projects outsourced by the Ministry of Health and Lobor, Osaka prefecrture, Osaka city which were undertaken by CHARM. Other funds came from honorariums, supervising fees for interns (5%), contributions (2%), Membership fees(2.2%) and other sources (2.8%). CHARM’s programs/services to provide support to HIV-positive persons and maintaining a multilingual environment for foreign residents are supported by grant funding and sponsorship from government agencies. The maintenance of the office building and the operations of the administration office are supported by members and sponsors. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support.