Programs and Services

CHARM offers services for HIV positive persons and foreign residents. The programs and services are listed below according to the following categories. For inquiries and registration for the programs, please contact CHARM office.

Telephone Hotline

Multi-lingual Telephone Hotline [English, Spanish, Thai, Filipino and Portuguese]

We provide consultation for people living with HIV (PLH), etc. in different languages.  You can inquire or consult about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI), testing and treatment.  These services are free and confidential.

Tuesday           4:00 to 8:00 p.m. English, Spanish and Portuguese

Wednesday      4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Thai

Thursday          4:00 to 8:00 p.m. English, Filipino



Individual Assistance

Face to face consultation [Japanese, English, Spanish, Thai, Filipino and Portuguese]

One on one counselling with Counselors and Social Workers. If you would like to use this service, please contact the CHARM office. Interpretation service is available upon your request.

Visitation and Accompaniment Service [Japanese, English, Spanish, Thai, Filipino and Portuguese]

Accompanying support, to the ward office and hospital, and home visitation for people living with HIV. If you would like to use this service, please contact the CHARM office.

Medical Interpretation Service on HIV [Japanese, English, Spanish, Thai, Filipino and Portuguese]

We send out interpreters to health centers and medical institutions, such as hospitals specializing in AIDS treatment, around Kinki region to provide interpretation for HIV testing and treatment and interview with tuberculosis (TB) patients, etc..

For other languages other than specified above, kindly contact our office.

Counseling Service [Japanese]

CHARM dispatch counselors specializing with people living with HIV  to Osaka City Hospitals. Counseling services are in Japanese. If you would like to use this service, please consult your doctor or nurse.

HIV Treatment and Support Information abroad [Japanese, English, and others]

HIV treatment and support information for people living with HIV in other countries can be obtained through CHARM’s international network. If you like to know your country sitaution or will live abroad, please contact through contact or Telephone  06-6354-5901

Group Programs

Monday Salon [Japanese]

We provide a venue for People living with HIV (PLH) to gather and talk over tea.  This program is for PLH who would like to meet and talk with other PLH.

Hyokko Club [Japanese]

This is a small group meeting for people who just found out about their status as HIV positive.  This program aims to ensure them a good start with their life with HIV through gathering and information exchange with their peers having the same status.

Women’s Program

It is a program that provides space for women living with HIV to meet. Individual consultation by peer women can be arranged upon request. Occasional meetings are being held in Osaka in a small group. Nationwide gathering of positive women is in August. Every positive women is invited regardless of cultural background.

SPICA [Japanese]

The gathering is for people who are HIV positive and recovering from drug addiction.  The group shares a meal and has informal discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. The main language used is Japanese but language support can also be arranged.

Community Health Consultation

[English, Thai, Filipino, etc.]

Our medical team composed of doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. will go to the community where foreign residents reside.  The medical team will conduct consultation concerning their health and if necessary will refer them to appropriate medical institutions.  HIV, TB and other testing is also possible with the cooperation of the local health centers.